Reporting the way it is supposed to be

The full featured, 100% integrated reporting Tools for SugarCRM. Filling the gap SugarCRM left in their tools. In the CE version but also in their licensed Professional Editions.

Open Source and Free yet fully extendible with commercial Plugins making it truely the reporting standard on SugarCRM.

As of April 2nd KReporter 4.0 is available in Beta Release. KReporter is also becoming part of SpiceCRM and in the future will be an integrated component of SpiceCRM. All information on KReporter can be found at

KReporter 4.0 beta can also be downloaded at

Until end of the beta phase this website will remain active but then will also be moved to We will still offer KReporter as standalone extension to SugarCRM and or SuiteCRM.

Fast and simple creation and execution of Reports in SugarCRM

A CRM System is a great source of data. Managing the sales process requires gathering of data. But the true power is in the capability to analyze and understand the data gathered. This is important for several reasons:

  • Manage your Business: Understand the actual situation your business is in sales and support wise. What is your pipeline, how will your forecast be, are your teams performing?
  • Support your Sales team: nothing is more frustrating for sales people than to enter data in a systems and then not to find the answers they are looking for. Help them with operational reports to get more effective and close more business
  • Grow your business: understand who your customers are, what your target base is and where you should go next to get more business.

In all these areas KReporter can help you to get more value out of SugarCRM, Easy and user-friendly you can analyze data from your CRM Systems to get the answers you are looking for.

A flexible Plugin Architecture

Presentation Plugins

Presentation Plugins are the core to present the data as ir was reported. They present different types of grids or tree structures or a pivot structure and help bring the data in its raw form into the proper shape to be presented and understood

Standard View
Grouped View
Standard with Preview
Standard with Summary
Tree View
Pivot View

Visualization Plugins

in most cases a chart says more than thousand lines of data. Visualization plugins help to graphically visualize the data in all forms of charts or also maps

Google Charts
Fusion Charts
High Charts
Google Geo
Google Maps

Integration Plugins

KReporter is not a standalone tool but a highly integrated part of SugarCRM. Integration plugins allow even deeper connection into SugarCRM Processes like Data Export, Targetlist creation, report publishing as Dashlets and Subpanels

CSV Export
Excel Export
PDF Export
Query Analyzer
Targetlist Export
Publishing Reports
Schedule Reports
Take Snapshots
Analyze Snapshots
Report Drilldown

3 Packages to Success

Base Package

The Base Package has all the shared Libraries and Extensions that are required to run KReporter or other “K” Packages. This package need to be installed first. It does not add any functionality but purely add core libraries to SugarCRM.

Core Package

The Core Package loads the essentials for KReporter which is the core Reporting engine and the report design environment. It also installs some basic Plugins like the Standard View, a basic version of the Google Charts Plugin, the CSV Export and a basic Version of the Targetlist Plugin. This will allow you to create and run Reports.

Extension package

The Extension Package adds all other Plugins and enables you to get the most out of KReporter. The Package is available commercially. To get a quote please contact us at with you company details and the number of active users.

You are not alone - our Partners

Provident CRM

Provident CRM is the largest and most competent SugarCRM Partner in UK and Ireland. With an expereicned team Provident delivers complex CRM Projects and leverages KReporter as a reporting engine on all SugarCRM versions and editions. Provident is also a development partner and has done several extensions to KReporter already.

CRM Online

CRM Online is the largest SugarCRM Partner in Australia with offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Manila. With a team of more then 30 consultants CRM Online delivers SugarCRM and SAP CRM Projects since 2006.

20 Reasons

20 reasons is a consulting company specialized on SugarCRM Projects. A highly skilled and experienced team delivers SugarCRM with many years of experience and a focus on enterprise grade open source projects. 20reasons has offices in Linz and Vienna and serves the german speaking market as well as the neighbouring countries in central Europe.

Andreas Epping Unternehmensberatung

Die Andreas Epping Unternehmensberatung mit Sitz in Hannover unterstützt Kunden bei IT und Change Management Projekten. Eines der Tätigkeitsfelder ist SugarCRM mit Kompetenzen auch für den KReporter


Captivea, located in France, is an advanced partner of SugarCRM since 2009 and recognized as Top Contributor. All projects are done internally, with a team of lovely geeks with confirmed and certified skills on CRM platforms SugarCRM, vTiger, SuiteCRM. We ensure to our customers both quality and service and are on your side for your CRM project.

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KReporter is a product developed by AAC Sevices k.s. While the Base and Core package are free SOftware licensed under GPL the Extension Plugins are sold commercially. License cost start at €900,- and are based on the number of active users on the system. To obtain a quote please send an email to with your contact details and the number of active users on the systems to obtain a quote.